Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my geyser not heat the water when I switch it on ?

In Windhoek the Municipality control the geysers via Ripple-Control. This means that the control-room are sending out a signal in order to switch geysers off at times when the load on the power network are getting to high and they wil send a signal again when the load has normalised to switch geysers on. If you switch your geyser off at the mains you also switch of the Ripple-Control box, when you switch your geyser on again the Ripple-Control will remain in the off position until the control-room are sending a signal again to switch it on.

I painted my house a year ago with a good quality paint, but now the paint are peeling?

There can be several reasons why this can happen, but the most common reason is that the surface was not properly prepared. If you are going to spend a lot of money on paint it is best to do proper surface preparations, it is not uncommon that surface preparations are costing more than what the actal paint are costing. Preparations include, removing peeling paint, brushing the surface to remove chalk, wash the surface to remove grease, opening cracks to receive a sealing compound etc.

I asked 5 Companies to make me quotations the most expensive is 3 times the cheapest. How do I choose?

The question here is, did you give all the companies the same specifications. Depending on the size of the contract, it is sometimes best to ask a professional to create a "Bill Of Quantities" with clear specifications of measurements and products. This however is only an option for a bigger contract like building a house. If it is a smaller project like painting your house it is best if you yourself take the measurements, specify the products and colour and the preparation work that need to be done. This will give all contractors the same data to work out their Quotations, it would be wise not to choose a contractor that is noticeably cheaper than the rest of the pack.

My Motorized Gate does not operate, what could it be?

Depending on the make and model of your motor the most common problem would be that it lost mains power and the battery have discharged to a point that it is not strong enough to drive the motor. Restore the mains supply and wait for at least 1 hour before you operate the gate again, if it is a gate that are used more than once a hour you should wait at least 5 hours for the battery to reach an acceptable level before putting it back in operation.

Why does the alarm on my Electric fence trigger all the time?
When the live wire is grounded for a certain amount of times or the loop is broken, the Energiser is going to trigger the alarm. This feature are build into all fence energisers to warn you if there are being tampered with the fence. If you get a lot of alarms, inspect your fence for anything that might touch the wires or if some wires are broken. If all looks fine switch on the fence and look if you can see a spark somewhere on the fence, this is best done when it is dark.

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